• English Club

    Theme-based lessons to enable your child to engage and interact in English.

    English Club

    Theme-based lessons to enable your child to engage and interact in English.

English Club

Exciting, themed-based lessons are the perfect way to engage your child in English language learning fun after a full day at school.

Your child will dive into captivating scenarios, with a mix of games, activities, arts & crafts, and plenty more, all geared towards Very Young Learners to boost their English-speaking skills.

"Kindergarten students attend English speaking club"

Course content

  • Age: 3–5
  • 1 class per week (weekdays)
  • Sep 2023 – Feb 2024
  • Feb – Jul 2024 
  • 60 minutes per lesson
  • Maximum: 9 students
  • Level: K1, K2, K3
  •  Standalone material
  • Topics: All About Me, Transport, People Who Help Us, Jobs, Clothes and Accessories, Food, Environment, Shopping, Toys, Houses and Homes, Fantasy and Adventure, Festivals and Celebrations, Places in the Community, Weather and Seasons
  • Learn through songs, stories, games, total physical response activities (TPR), arts & crafts and handwriting formation
  • Term-end certificate
  • Parents' evening

Course benefits

Your child will

  • Be taught by a qualified, proficient and skilled English teacher.
  • Learn in an English-speaking environment.
  • Be exposed to inspirational contexts and content that motivates.
  • Learn and practice new vocabulary and grammar with fun topics.
  • Become familiar with, and acquire, the sounds and rhythms of English.
  • Make new friends.

Our teachers


Cristina Bonifacio

Very Young Learners

United Kingdom

John Richardson

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Teens, Adults

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