• Trinity College London examinations

    Trinity College London examinations

Trinity College London examinations

English for Asia Learning Centre is currently the only Trinity Registered Examination Centre in Macao. The next in-person examination will be held on 7 July 2024 (Sunday).

Candidates range from school or college students to mature learners wanting to gain accreditation for their English skills for educational and professional purposes.

GESE is one of the most popular and trusted series of English language examinations for testing speaking and listening skills. We have been offering GESE examinations since 2007.

The exam takes the form of a one-to-one conversation with a highly qualified Trinity examiner who comes from the UK. Preparing for and sitting a GESE exam builds confidence in English language communication.

“My wife and I are raising our daughter in Macao in a bi-lingual household speaking Cantonese and English, with her initial education spent in a traditional Cantonese language kindergarten. We had decided to transfer to an English Language Primary school in order to develop her English Language skills. The school we wished to place our daughter is competitive. Prior to applying to the school, we enrolled my daughter into the Trinity GESE examination. My daughter was successfully placed into Primary 1 at the school of our first choice, with the help of the GESE certification.


GESE is suitable for all students, whatever their level, from absolute beginner to full mastery. There are 12 examination grades from beginner to advanced. The minimum age for entry to a GESE examination is 5 (or 4 for a GESE grade 1 exam). At each stage candidates carry out a number of realistic speaking and listening tasks that demonstrate their fluency, accuracy and ability to communicate in spoken English.

Trinity examinations are held at the English for Asia Learning Centre annually in July*.

*Subject to timetabling and student enrolment.

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