• Online learning

    Our e-learning TESOL specialists have developed a curriculum that offers students the flexibility to learn authentic English, via videoconference, from the comfort of their own home.

    Online learning

    Offers students the flexibility to learn authentic English from the comfort of their own home.

Online learning

We are pleased to offer our students the opportunity to continue their English studies using our Online Learning platform. This practical, goal-oriented programme includes vocabulary building activities, cross-curricular content and literature, real-world tasks and engaging activities.

Course benefits

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  • Student-centred approach enhances learning.
  • Collaborative learning develops language and soft skills.
  • Engages students with real-world skills and situations.
  • Technical support provided (Hotline: +853 2870 5784; +853 6612 8030).

"Having lessons online is a good substitute if I can't have face-to-face classes. I still had a good learning experience.” – Maggie (S3-S4A)

How do we teach English online?

Since March 2020, we have been adapting the way we teach online to provide our customers with engaging and memorable learning experiences. Below are some of the features that you can enjoy when studying with our experienced e-learning ESOL specialist teachers.

  • Online lessons are live in a virtual classroom with your teacher.
  • We plan our online lessons, just as we do for our face-to-face lessons, to have clear aims, objectives, meaningful context and interactive tasks.
  • We train our learners in the use of online videoconferencing tools for greater engagement and enjoyment.
  • We build rapport with our learners through virtual rewards.
  • We use a variety of techniques to keep learners motivated, such as visual aids, props, gestures, quizzes, polls, videos, audio activities and more.

To find out more, watch our introductory video or check out some frequently asked questions about our online lessons. 

How to get started

  1. Sign up at https://zoom.us/signup or download the app to your device.
  2. Contact English for Asia for your lesson code via email mlc@englishforasia.com or telephone +853 2870 5784; +853 6612 8030.
  3. Open Zoom 3-5 minutes before the appointed date and time of your lesson, input your class code and start learning!

To get the best out of the lessons we suggest that a parent or guardian monitors your child’s participation.

Video conferencing disclaimer

English for Asia places the utmost care in protecting the privacy and security of students participating in online lessons. We use fully licensed video conferencing technology. Each lesson we hold online is Host activated from a registered English for Asia account, and only students that are registered on each respective course are permitted to join our online classes. Furthermore, we closely monitor student attendance in all classes (online or in person) to ensure the safety and academic integrity of our Online Learning through a Host. The assigned Host will restrict entry to unregistered students and may remove a participant who is unauthorized to enter the online classroom.


Checklist before your first lesson

  • Please set your Zoom username as your English name which you are known by in class.
  • Prepare your books and stationery as you would for a normal class.
  • It is preferable for Kindergarten students to use a tablet device (such as an iPad) and older children to use a desktop/laptop computer.
  • Position your webcam at eye level and use a headset (with a USB cable or 3.5mm audio jack).
  • Listen carefully and participate as much as possible.
  • Please refrain from recording classes to protect children’s privacy.


  • Ensure your child is sitting comfortably and free from distractions.
  • Please minimise interaction with your child during class.
  • Please do not prompt or interpret for your child.
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