• About English for Asia

    English for Asia is one of the largest Trinity TESOL course providers outside of Europe, and the only dedicated TEFL / TESOL centre in Hong Kong.

    About English for Asia

    One of the largest Trinity TESOL course providers outside of Europe.

About English for Asia

Established in Hong Kong in 1997, Macao in 2001, and Shenzhen in 2003, English for Asia (EfA) is a teacher-operated organisation committed to providing a wide range of courses and services to improve standards of English and English teaching in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our emphasis on personal service, competitive prices and exceptionally high academic standards enables us to offer leading English language solutions in the region. The name 'English for Asia' has developed into a strong brand which is readily associated with quality English courses.

  • Over 250 dedicated, qualified and experienced Native English Teachers.
  • Twenty-five years’ experience providing English courses to hundreds of thousands of students in over 800 primary schools, secondary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong and Macao.
  • Contracted by the Education Departments in Hong Kong (EDB) and Macao (DSEDJ) to provide services including English courses, teacher recruitment, teacher training and translation services.
  • Lifelong Learning Partner – Macao Education Department.
  • Continuing Education Development Plan (CEDP/PDAC) member - Macao Education Department. 
  • Trinity College London National Approved Service Provider for Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.

Why learn with English for Asia

Above all, we strive to make sure you or your child enjoys and benefits from their time learning with English for Asia.

Here are a few nerdy stats about us

  • We first opened for business on Valentine’s Day in 1997 and several of our first team members are still with us today.
  • English for Asia is one of Trinity's largest TESOL course providers in the world, and the only dedicated TEFL/TESOL centre in Hong Kong. Each year we train many thousands of teachers, including around 200 teachers on the Trinity CertTESOL.
  • English for Asia is the Trinity National Representative for TESOL, ESOL and Drama examinations in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.
  • We work with over 1,000 schools and organisations in the region, including the Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB), Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) and Beijing Education Examinations Authority.
  • Our network is one of our most valuable assets. We go beyond 'connections', nurturing genuine relationships built on trust and respect. It's hard to put a price on that.


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