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    About Macao Learning Centres

About Macao Learning Centres

As the demand for English continues to grow in Macao, English for Asia's range of services has expanded to meet the academic needs of the community.  

For over twenty years we have been operating successful Learning Centres and providing English courses for students and teacher training for local schools and the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ).  

We also provide English language training and development solutions for leading corporations and businesses, government departments, universities and charitable organisations. 

Why learn with us?

  • Small classes (maximum 9 students)
  • Internationally-qualified Native English-speaking Teachers
  • Interactive English immersion experience for students of all ages
  • The latest international materials
  • Digitally equipped classrooms
  • Communicative TESOL methodology

New students receive a free Placement Interview enabling them to enter our classes at an appropriate starting level. Students are placed according to both ability and age, enabling them to learn at a comfortable rate and make the best possible progress.

Graduating students can receive

  • A graded certificate upon completion of course.
  • Optional entry to a Trinity College London examination to chart progress at an international level.
  • Entry to the DSEDJs Lifelong Learning Scheme to gain regional recognition for their efforts.

Quality learning

Successful English learning depends upon the quality of the teacher, and we are very proud of our dedicated team of teaching staff, each carefully chosen for their experience, professionalism and enthusiasm in the classroom.

Our teachers are all native English speakers or equivalent (CEFR level C2) who hold a TEFL/TESOL qualification (accredited by Ofqual at UK NQF Level 5, or equivalent) and have at least three years’ relevant teaching experience.

By carefully monitoring classes, providing feedback and guidance to teachers and arranging regular training to enhance their skills, we ensure our teachers are kept up to date with the latest communicative teaching methods and are able to maintain the highest standards of English teaching.

All of our teachers are internationally qualified Native English-speaking Teachers approved by the Macao Government’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ)† to teach English in the MSAR. Although each teacher specialises in different aspects, all teachers are trained to teach local students. As a parent you may request a particular teacher subject to timetabling and / or availability.*

*While we make every effort to schedule the same teacher for the duration of a course, we reserve the right to change the class teacher without notice due to operational needs.
To gain DSEDJ approval to teach in the MSAR, teachers must be suitably qualified and provide records that verify their medical and non-criminal status.

Teaching methods

By using the very latest communicative TESOL methodology in all of our courses, our teachers help students develop the confidence to use English freely, rather than merely memorising and repeating phrases from a textbook. The three-step methodology approach  that we facilitate is called ‘Engage, Study, Activate’ (E.S.A.).

  1. First, students are Engaged in a context appropriate to the functions which will be developed in the lesson.
  2. Next, in the Study stage, target language is modelled, drilled and practised using controlled-practice activities.
  3. Finally, the Activate stage of the lesson encourages students to communicate effectively through free-practice activities.

"I found that my child became happier. He began to possess a positive attitude towards English and his English language ability has improved! Teachers of the centre are good and caring. Staff at the Centre are responsible and they care about the children very much." – Parent of K2 student, after studying with us for two years.

Our teachers


Amit Das

Young Learners, Teens, Adults

South Africa

Ana Gonsior

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Adults, IELTS


Cristina Bonifacio

Very Young Learners


David Alexander

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Teens, Adults, Teacher Training

Macao/United Kingdom/Portugal

David Jorge

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Primary, IELTS


Danielle Vaz

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Teens


Felisita Morais

Young Learners, Adults, Corporate, Teacher Training

United Kingdom

John Richardson

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Teens, Adults


Lucus Lienau

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Adults and Drama Stars

South Africa

Martha Visser

Very Young Learners, One-to-One


Mitchell Kritzberg

Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults

United Kingdom

Nathan Fox

Young Learners, Adults, Corporate Training

South Africa

Rondrico Gonsior

Young Learners, Teens, Adults, IELTS, Corporate


Roseline Samy

Very Young Learners, Young Learners, Teenagers

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